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May The 4th Be With You – What I Learned From: Star Wars

I saw it coming: my 200th post here. Around 190 I started to feel the pressure. I started thinking, what grand statement can I make with the post. Should it be a personal story, a wrap up of the first 2 centuries, a kick off to some new project? Was I trying to hard? I … Continue reading

We’re All Pretty Bizarre – What I Learned From: John Hughes Movies

Last time we took a look at a lesser known, cult movie, Repo Man starring Emilio Esteves. This time Emilio makes an appearance but as one of many characters in the very popular teen movies of the 80’s written and directed by John Hughes. Everyone that grew up in the 80’s knows his many movies … Continue reading

The Repo Code – What I Learned From Repo Man

I was watching a different movie from my childhood, I think it was Caddyshack, and I thought to myself that there are some hidden insights and principles within the classics despite their comedic focus and apparent superficiality. I will have to come back to Caddyshack and cover other classics – Stripes, Big Trouble In Little … Continue reading



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