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Men’s Health Week Leads Up To Fathers’ Day

Every June, during Men’s Health Month, the week leading up to Fathers’ Day is Men’s Health Week. This being a resource for men’s wellness this of course is a very important week and one that we all need to take time to focus on the matter. There are of course the big health issues, and throughout … Continue reading

When Releasing The Safety Is A Good Thing: The Pack and Nick Collins

Normally bad things can happen when you release the safety, such as on a gun, but I think the Green Bay Packers did the right thing in releasing Safety Nick Collins. And that is a hard thing for me to say, considering the positive impact he had on the Defense and what the loss of … Continue reading

Why Organic?

The simplest and most important answer for anyone, including men, to go organic is: it is better for YOU. Once a term relegated to markets that catered to clientele with vested interest – natural food stores, farmers’ markets, progressive cafes – organic is increasingly available in standard supermarkets in their own section or even side-by-side … Continue reading

Dr. Oz Simplifies It For Men

I occasionally catch the Dr. Oz show and while I understand the major audience of day time TV, it still has bugged me that, like almost every other wellness related media, he focuses so much on women’s health and well-being. You are a man, talk to the men, or at least talk to women about the men … Continue reading


With the New Year coming up, it is standard practice for people to make resolutions – promises on changes to make on the coming year. The problem is that these resolutions typically fall by the way side. Why is this? Maybe the grand statement to change for the long term is just too hard to … Continue reading

Dr. Oz’s 25 Natural Men’s Health Tips

Natural Awakenings magazine Milwaukee edition has a cover article on Dr. Oz’ (of Oprah and his own show now fame)  25 Greatest Men’s Health Tips. I recommend picking up the magazine which I found at Outpost Natural Foods as I did not find the article on the web site yet, hopefully it will be there, … Continue reading

Father’s Day & Men’s Health Concern #1: Heart Disease

It is almost too appropriate that on Father’s day and the last day of Men’s Health Week, the #1 concern is the Heart. On a day when we recognize our own – and other – fathers, learning about the heart – the strongest muscle, the source of life, and the proverbial source of emotion and love. … Continue reading



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