Valentine’s Day

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Save Your Relationship Save A Pet – Locker’s Florist Fundraising For MADACC

That day is coming in just over a week, the day your entire relationship could be judged on your actions – Valentine’s Day. As men what we do on February 14th can make or break our happiness for weeks or months, so we have to make the right choice of what to do or not … Continue reading

A Healthy Heart Is A Loving Heart (or vice versa)

I am not sure if the American Heart Association picked February to be American Heart Month because it is the month of the heart holiday – the holiday of love – Valentine’s Day, or for some other meaningful or arbitrary reason, but the correlation still stands and so I am running with it. Giving your … Continue reading

Be Extra Thoughtful On Valentine’s Day

Thankfully my wife and I have a shared dislike for the conventions of the holidays and gift giving. Well, really my wife is more against it, I would happily get her gifts if she wanted to return the favor. But, many of you are in relationships that call for the giving of gifts on birthdays, … Continue reading



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