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Seven Men Represent Wisconsin In 2012 Summer Olympics

If only the Milwaukee Bucks could get something going in the NBA, the state of Wisconsin would be pretty much dominant in sports we have major players in. From the Packers and Badgers recent successes in football (pro and college) to the Brewers’ run last season we have had some pretty good results in sports … Continue reading

Michael Irvin Speaks ‘Out’ For Equality

Michael Irvin, NFL Hall of Famer, graces the cover of Out Magazine and in an interview speaks out specifically to black people, asking how discrimination towards gays is any different than against blacks. The article describes him as ‘a passionate supporter of gay athletes and equal rights for same-sex couple’. Irvin speaks about learning about his … Continue reading

MLB Pitcher Tosses Back His Salary

I am not a fan of baseball or basketball, though I love football. One reason  I like football better is the lack of guaranteed contracts. In baseball and basketball you can miss time, even an entire season, and still get paid. But one player, Royals Pitcher Gil Meche, decided that was not right to himself … Continue reading

Let It Go: Baseballs

I normally try to stay way from stories of men doing the wrong thing and stick with good examples, but the recent number of news items on men overreaching for baseballs in MLB games has struck me. And there are two current stories of fans and baseballs that have parts of them that show some … Continue reading

Bromance Equals Success?

The University of California recently did a study of NBA games and found that the teams whose players touch each other the most – whether a high five, chest bump or the age-old butt-slap – win the most. The Wall Street Journal reports that ABC analyzed their broadcasts of the NBA Finals in a similar manner and found that … Continue reading

Charles Tillman: Community Leader

To most Wisconsinites and Packer fans he may play for the ‘enemy’, but Chicago Bears Defensive Back Charles Tillman is someone we can all look up to. In February he received Fifth Third Bank’s 2011 Community Leadership Award & Namesake Scholarship as one of three people recognized for their leadership and efforts that have provided meaningful impact … Continue reading

No Mourning Lack of Manners Here

Here is another rare do good example by an (ex-)athlete. Alonzo Mourning got out of his car and used his defensive blocking skills to stop traffic to allow a disabled person to cross a busy street. Full story here. What strikes me about this instance especially is that he got out of his car to … Continue reading

Bucks Player Did the Right Thing

Here is a pretty amazing story about 4 players, one of them a current Buck (Corey Maggette), stepping up to take care of their coach when the team wouldn’t. Clippers assistant coach Kim Hughes found out he had cancer. Then it got worse, the team said they wouldn’t pay for the surgery. Maggette and several … Continue reading



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