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NFL Promotes Head & Neck Safety For All Ages

Football has entrenched itself as the most popular sport in America, but what we know of as the sport may not be what it will be in the future. Though we love it for what it is, most reasonable people can acknowledge that the rules as is do not protect the players as best they … Continue reading

Bike To Work Day Safety – For Drivers

Tomorrow is the culmination of Bike to Work Week, the last day of the week and the most likely to see its highest participation as it is the official Bike to Work Day and also as a Friday likely has more casual and bike friendly dress codes for workers. Seeing as there will be such … Continue reading

May Is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

In a four-seasons state like Wisconsin, May is the first month that motorcyclists become active after Winter storage and so it is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. As gas prices climb, motorcycles are increasingly being used for basic transportation as well as recreation. More than 500,000 Wisconsin residents have motorcycle licenses or permits and more than 300,000 … Continue reading

When Releasing The Safety Is A Good Thing: The Pack and Nick Collins

Normally bad things can happen when you release the safety, such as on a gun, but I think the Green Bay Packers did the right thing in releasing Safety Nick Collins. And that is a hard thing for me to say, considering the positive impact he had on the Defense and what the loss of … Continue reading



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