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Cycle Dog Dog Collars Re-cycle Inner Tubes

What’s this? Has Well-Met Man gone to the dogs? Sure, this will be the fourth dog-related post in a row, but there was no plan, it just happened that way. In fact,  was going to wait on this one to give it a break but no other man-news has come up. Besides, dogs are MAN’s best … Continue reading

Recycling More And Easier In Milwaukee

The city of Milwaukee just announced a revamped recycling program. No longer do you need to separate paper and containers – you can throw it all in together. In addition, they will accept more containers – including cartons (those ‘wax’ – actually thin plastic – coated juice and milk cartons) as well as #4 and … Continue reading

Conscientious Spring Cleaning

As the weather gets nice it becomes time to start Spring Cleaning around the house and yard. Besides general cleaning some may take the time to review and purge items, and in general cleaning often things need to be thrown out. What this means is that we can build up quite a large amount of … Continue reading



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