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Congratulations to Craig Counsell On Moving Up

As you may have heard, Craig Counsell, Brewers infielder and Whitefish bay native, retired from playing baseball only to join the front office of the Brewers. The Brewers announced Craig joining the Brewers front office as Special Assistant to the General Manager. Apparently Counsell’s first love for baseball was managing, not playing, but I am sure … Continue reading

MLB Players Promote High School Volunteering

The Major League Baseball Players Trust and Volunteers of America are working with high school students across the United States, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico, are working together to inspire and train the next generation of volunteers through a program called Action Team. The two organizations teamed up in 2002 to encourage high school students to get involved in … Continue reading

Former Brewer Hisle MVP Of Mentors

On a week when there have been more typically bad morality plays in professional sports, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did a piece on an inspiring former athlete – Larry Hisle of the Milwaukee Brewers. The story talks about how Hisle works with disadvantaged males of all ages as part of his work for the Brewers as … Continue reading

Youth Upstages Adults Again

In what appears to be a common occurrence in the world of manners, once again a youth has upstaged adults in a display of selflessness and honor. In a major league baseball game a young man received a ball meant for another fan and realizing the erroneous bounce of the ball gave the ball to … Continue reading

MLB Pitcher Tosses Back His Salary

I am not a fan of baseball or basketball, though I love football. One reason  I like football better is the lack of guaranteed contracts. In baseball and basketball you can miss time, even an entire season, and still get paid. But one player, Royals Pitcher Gil Meche, decided that was not right to himself … Continue reading

Let It Go: Baseballs

I normally try to stay way from stories of men doing the wrong thing and stick with good examples, but the recent number of news items on men overreaching for baseballs in MLB games has struck me. And there are two current stories of fans and baseballs that have parts of them that show some … Continue reading

Brewers Host “Green Week” June 20-26

June 20-26, the Brewers will launch their “Brewing a Greener Game” sustainability initiative, highlighting the Club’s increased efforts in eco-friendly practices during the week presented by the City of Milwaukee’s Milwaukee Energy Efficiency (Me2) program. During the week, they are doing different events over six days including e-cycling, a tree-planting program, and the donation of a check … Continue reading

Texas Rangers Well-Met Draft Pick

I am not a big baseball fan, only following the home team as a sports homer in general, but this story caught my eye. With their 33rd round pick – 33 rounds?, again not a baseball follower but 33??? – drafted a player that will never play baseball – you see, he is paralyzed. Johnathan … Continue reading



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