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Jeep Provides S.A.F.E. Return For Troops

Two American vehicle manufacturers will be forever linked with our military, Harley-Davidson and Jeep. With their ties to military history, both go beyond what they have provided on the battleground to provide for out troops once the return. Last November we told you about what Harley is doing, and here is what Jeep is doing … Continue reading

Harley Davidson Brings Help To Veterans

Milwaukee’s own Harley-Davidson has long been what one might consider a ‘patriotic’ company. Their brand has been a proudly American one for as long as most of us can remember. That patriotism has always extended to the military and veterans from providing motorcycles to the military (a Harley retrospective can be seen here) to incorporating … Continue reading

Good Old Local Help For Local Vet

Potosi Brewing Company and the Iron Horse Hotel are teaming up to help out a local hero tonight. You can’t come up with much better of a Well-Met type of event. A local brewery, a non-profit to boot, the epitome of local Milwaukee coolness for a location, and serving a deserving man. At the Potosi … Continue reading

Timberlake Makes Marine’s Day

Justin Timberlake’s praises are being sung for accepting the request of Corporal Kelsey DeSantis after she asked him for a date via a YouTube video. DeSantis herself was was inspired by another member of the military who scored a date with Mila Kunis, Timberlake’s Friends With Benefits co-star. This is where I am even more impressed with JT, as he showed … Continue reading

Greater Milwaukee Native Tests Latest Jet

Lt. Colonel Fred Schenk of Cedarburg – a former High School classmate – performed the first at-sea vertical landing of the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter, a jet expected to replace current jets with its vertical landing capabilities. Schenk has undergone intense training in various jets to get the opportunity to be the first to test the … Continue reading

Man’s Best Friend Ever Loyal

It is well known, especially here at Well-Met, that dogs can be better and more loyal friends and family than human counterparts. This image is a haunting reminder of the bind that a man and his canine companion can have in life – and death. At the funeral of Navy SEAL Jon Tomlinson, one of 38 … Continue reading

Comic Book Therapy For Troops

The Pentagon has created a new program to help troops returning from active duty deal with their experiences by having them create graphic novels or comics. The program has a typical government/military convoluted name: “Online Graphic Novel/Sequential Art Authoring Tools for Therapeutic Storytelling“. Art therapy is an interesting process where, per the American Art Therapy … Continue reading



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