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Men’s Health Week Leads Up To Fathers’ Day

Every June, during Men’s Health Month, the week leading up to Fathers’ Day is Men’s Health Week. This being a resource for men’s wellness this of course is a very important week and one that we all need to take time to focus on the matter. There are of course the big health issues, and throughout … Continue reading

The Good ‘Ol Prostate

June is Men’s Health Month and the most common male-only issue that gets talked about around this time as well as the upcoming Father’s Day observance is the walnut-sized gland residing in males only…the prostate. The prostate’s only job is to store and produce seminal fluid. Back in time to health class 101: Seminal fluid … Continue reading

June is Men’s Health Month

In essence Well-Met Men is about 2 things – taking care of others, and taking care of yourself. As part of the latter, men’s health is a number one priority and a large number of posts here are about that. Every June the focus gets stronger as it is Men’s Health Month. Anchored by a … Continue reading

Father’s Day & Men’s Health Concern #1: Heart Disease

It is almost too appropriate that on Father’s day and the last day of Men’s Health Week, the #1 concern is the Heart. On a day when we recognize our own – and other – fathers, learning about the heart – the strongest muscle, the source of life, and the proverbial source of emotion and love. … Continue reading

Men’s Health Concern #2: Cancer

Cancer is one of the most prominent health issues for both men and women, and rightly so – here we know that it is the number two health concern for men. It has one of the best networks for awareness and care, organizations we all are aware of that can give you any information or … Continue reading

Men’s Health Concern #3: Accidents

The American Association of Accidents… OK who am I kidding. There is no group, organization, or what have you that I can quote or steal from on this one. Actually there is: the Safety Institute of America. Men are known for having a Devil-may-care attitude about work, recreation, and general safety so today I am … Continue reading

Men’s Health Concern #4: Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases

Long name for number 4, but really its just the diseases that affect the lungs, the worst of which is COPD – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. There is lots of medical mumbo jumbo on what these are and do, such as the image to the right, but basically you cannot … Continue reading

Men’s Health Concern #5: Stroke

I get to cheat a little here since I just did a write up for Stroke Awareness Month in May. Check out the information here.

Men’s Health Concern #6: Type 2 Diabetes

Per the Mayo Clinic the 6th biggest threat to men’s health is Diabetes, specifically Type 2. If you have been reading along, you will note one of the men’s interests and issues repeated here is nutrition and diet. It is partly due to the environmental impact of our food supply but also because of the health and wellness … Continue reading



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