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Men’s Health Week Leads Up To Fathers’ Day

Every June, during Men’s Health Month, the week leading up to Fathers’ Day is Men’s Health Week. This being a resource for men’s wellness this of course is a very important week and one that we all need to take time to focus on the matter. There are of course the big health issues, and throughout … Continue reading

November Is Pancreatic Cancer Month

You may have seen my previous post on Movember – the November men’s health month fundraising and awareness event. Well, there is a reason it is ‘Movember’ and not Moctober, or any other Mo month. That is because November is Pancreatic Cancer Month, via the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. The site for the month is … Continue reading

Dr. Oz’s 25 Natural Men’s Health Tips

Natural Awakenings magazine Milwaukee edition has a cover article on Dr. Oz’ (of Oprah and his own show now fame)  25 Greatest Men’s Health Tips. I recommend picking up the magazine which I found at Outpost Natural Foods as I did not find the article on the web site yet, hopefully it will be there, … Continue reading

Heview: Palladium Shoes

When I find something that can cover multiple needs I take notice, and in Palladium Boots – recommended by a friend – I have found a brand that I could buy nearly every pair of shoes (other than athletic) that I might need now and in the future. Palladium is a French company with roots … Continue reading

Heview: Dominica Bay Rum

I wasn’t sure if I would ever do Heviews – reviews for men’s products, entertainment, or anything else – other than recommendations for green products for men or the like. Due to my career that allows me to work from home for the past five years I do not have to get dressed up, so … Continue reading

Father’s Day & Men’s Health Concern #1: Heart Disease

It is almost too appropriate that on Father’s day and the last day of Men’s Health Week, the #1 concern is the Heart. On a day when we recognize our own – and other – fathers, learning about the heart – the strongest muscle, the source of life, and the proverbial source of emotion and love. … Continue reading

Food – When Less Is More (Waistline)

Or is it when more is less? A recent article at goes over how skim milk is actually worse than 2% or even whole milk. This reminds me of the paradox of diet soda. When it comes to food, why do we keep trying to change the food instead of ourselves? It seems to … Continue reading

Conscientious Spring Cleaning

As the weather gets nice it becomes time to start Spring Cleaning around the house and yard. Besides general cleaning some may take the time to review and purge items, and in general cleaning often things need to be thrown out. What this means is that we can build up quite a large amount of … Continue reading

May: Stroke Awareness Month

Strokes are one of the top 7 threats to men’s health. Overall it is the third leading cause of death in America. It is a leading cause of disability to adults. But it is nowhere near as talked about as other issues such as heart diseases and cancer. The good news is that the National … Continue reading



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