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Kaufmann Mercantile Made In USA – Made For Men

My brother recently tipped me off to a very cool website – Kaufmann Mercantile. As the name implies it is an online store, but it is much more than that. It is a veritable resource for a man’s live, and all with a very Well-Met outlook. First and foremost Kaufmann Mercantile is an online store for ‘carefully selected, … Continue reading

The Man Way: How To Holiday Shop The Well-Met Way

In just over a week, the day after Thanksgiving will kick off the ‘official’ start to holiday gift shopping. Dubbed ‘Black Friday’ either because it is usually the day most business budgets move from the red into the black, or the meaning that most men would subscribe to of its negative impact on getting around … Continue reading

Good Old Local Help For Local Vet

Potosi Brewing Company and the Iron Horse Hotel are teaming up to help out a local hero tonight. You can’t come up with much better of a Well-Met type of event. A local brewery, a non-profit to boot, the epitome of local Milwaukee coolness for a location, and serving a deserving man. At the Potosi … Continue reading

Handmade By Men For Men

When men hear the words ‘Craft Show’ their reaction is rarely a positive one. Images of throngs of women down endless cramped aisles with nothing a guy would ever want come to mind. But I am here to tell you first there are ‘crafts’ that many men would like and there are shows where you … Continue reading

The Importance of Local – Government and Voting

I have talked about focusing on the Local, things near by that affect you directly and that you can affect directly in areas such as food and philanthropy. I could spew all the standard quotes and lingo about the importance of voting in general – that it is your right or duty, that we owe … Continue reading

Locanthropy? Locavism? Locharity?

No I am not talking about werewolves or something (lycanthropy to the non-nerds). I am searching for a term to refer to looking to your local community to help out first – local philanthropy, local activism, local charity. What I am getting at here is – with all the stuff going on in the big … Continue reading



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