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Heview: eShave Shave Cream

In our Heview series – reviews for he rather than she – we review products or services made or marketed specifically towards men. This time we are looking at a product by a company called êShave. êShave, as you can tell by the name, is fairly new. Based in New York, it was founded in … Continue reading

Heview: Lock Stock & Barrel Men’s Grooming Products

In the Heview series, we review products and services specifically for men including fashion and style products. When it comes to grooming products for men, a trip to a local big box store reveals the state of men’s grooming compared to women’s. Granted women have things like make up and nail polish that most men don’t … Continue reading

Heview: The Brass Rooster Men’s Hat And Accessories Shop

To be honest, this is more of a First Impression than a full review since I did not take full advantage of The Brass Rooster’s capabilities, still I left my first visit impressed and interest piqued to return for more – and for a business what more can you ask for? Hold the phones, hit … Continue reading

Heview: Cory The Bike Fixer – Changing The World One Bike At A Time

My wife and I recently purchased two new bikes – identical unisex ones – from Cory The Bike Fixer, and our experience was everything we expected – attentive, helpful, and personal despite it being a very busy day at the shop. As a child and teen I used to ride bikes all the time. I … Continue reading

Heview: Stag Barbershop

Yesterday I finally took the opportunity to check out Stag Barbershop, and as far as first impressions go it would hard to have a better one, and a much needed one at that. You see, though I consider myself fairly stylish, I am by no means a slave to fashion. I am pretty frugal and … Continue reading

Heview: Expedition Impossible

I am no fan of reality TV in any form, but there is one show on currently that both intrigues and inspires me. ABC’s Expedition Impossible, by Mark Burnett of Survivor fame, follows a format that while similar to Survivor as far as being an outdoor survival style contest, is set up to highlight teamwork … Continue reading

Heview: Palladium Shoes

When I find something that can cover multiple needs I take notice, and in Palladium Boots – recommended by a friend – I have found a brand that I could buy nearly every pair of shoes (other than athletic) that I might need now and in the future. Palladium is a French company with roots … Continue reading

Heview: Dominica Bay Rum

I wasn’t sure if I would ever do Heviews – reviews for men’s products, entertainment, or anything else – other than recommendations for green products for men or the like. Due to my career that allows me to work from home for the past five years I do not have to get dressed up, so … Continue reading



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