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Alaskan Brewing Company Makes Beer Powered Beer

Following the Well-Met maxim of ‘Social.Responsibility‘, the Alaskan Brewing Company is making green beer, and I don’t mean in color like the shite people swill for St. Patrick’s Day. In a shrewd move with economic and ecological ramifications, they are now operating with an alternate fuel source: beer. More specifically, they are using the wet … Continue reading

The Man Way: How To Holiday Shop The Well-Met Way

In just over a week, the day after Thanksgiving will kick off the ‘official’ start to holiday gift shopping. Dubbed ‘Black Friday’ either because it is usually the day most business budgets move from the red into the black, or the meaning that most men would subscribe to of its negative impact on getting around … Continue reading

Wait, Green What? Racing? Michelin Green X Challenge Asks Why Not?

So, yeah I know there are races for solar-powered cars and such, so its not a novel idea, but this morning while flipping through channels I caught mention of a pro racing circuit that awards green initiatives. No, it’s not NASCAR, silly. In the American Le mans Series, the MICHELIN® GREEN X® Challenge, a first … Continue reading

Recycling More And Easier In Milwaukee

The city of Milwaukee just announced a revamped recycling program. No longer do you need to separate paper and containers – you can throw it all in together. In addition, they will accept more containers – including cartons (those ‘wax’ – actually thin plastic – coated juice and milk cartons) as well as #4 and … Continue reading

Green Guy: Eric Rochow

With a lack of news items lately I have decided to start a special section focusing on Well-Met men that are doing  what I aspire to out in the real world. These could be activists, philanthropists, environmentalists, nutrionists, or anyone like person that is trying to make others better. Where I can they will be … Continue reading

Brewers Host “Green Week” June 20-26

June 20-26, the Brewers will launch their “Brewing a Greener Game” sustainability initiative, highlighting the Club’s increased efforts in eco-friendly practices during the week presented by the City of Milwaukee’s Milwaukee Energy Efficiency (Me2) program. During the week, they are doing different events over six days including e-cycling, a tree-planting program, and the donation of a check … Continue reading

Earth Day: Animal Rehoming, the 4th R

This post is the culmination and wrap-up of various subjects over the past month. It being Earth Day – which occurs during Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, and following Volunteer Week – this is the perfect opportunity to stress the importance and benefits of adopting a pet from an animal welfare agency, or Rehoming an … Continue reading

Eco-Drive – Looking Beyond The Watch

One of my brothers suggested the Citizen Eco-Drive is a Well-Met men’s example of men’s fashion that is ‘green’. The watch’s design includes both great style and design, as well as being eco-friendly since you never need to replace a battery. Per their web-site: Citizen Eco-Drive watches use the simplest, yet most technically advanced power … Continue reading

Volunteer Week: Environmental Activism

Yesterday we took a look at animal welfare volunteer opportunities, today we move onto an area that has many similar philosophies and in some cases even crossover: environmental causes. Local environmental causes focus on issues and opportunities that impact the land and environment in their community and local area. Opportunities can range from doing physical … Continue reading



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