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Gentleman Rules Print

You probably have heard of Etsy by now, but probably from women, and never thought of it as a place to check out stuff for men. But oh, it is. You just have to know where and/or how to look. I recently found a vendor with a print perfect for the Well-Met man as well … Continue reading

Phil Mickelson: True Gentleman Golfer

Golf is supposed to be the gentleman’s game – a game of etiquette and integrity where players enforce their own penalties and report their own scores and act with decorum while on the course. Like every part of the real world it can have its moments where that does not seem to be the case – the attitudes … Continue reading

May 2011 Wrap Up

May started out very good, especially for this project, and for the most part went well except for one personal hiccup. First things first – today is Memorial Day. To many it has become and is just another day to be off of work and get a three-day weekend. Like many holidays it has become … Continue reading

No Mourning Lack of Manners Here

Here is another rare do good example by an (ex-)athlete. Alonzo Mourning got out of his car and used his defensive blocking skills to stop traffic to allow a disabled person to cross a busy street. Full story here. What strikes me about this instance especially is that he got out of his car to … Continue reading

Here’s A Good Tip – Literally

One of the things I think that makes a Well-Met man is tipping appropriately. That means tipping well. I will get onto regular tipping etiquette in a few, but here is a new article I just saw that is something I never thought of – the benefits to the service person of tipping in cash … Continue reading

An Apple A Day… or year, or however often you buy new electronics

Apple stores have developed a great program to get iPads to teachers. Guys and gadgets, they go together well. The problem is, as we fuel our need for new gadgets, our old ones have to go somewhere.  This can add up quickly to the landfill issue, and it is even worse as many electronics have … Continue reading

Bucks Player Did the Right Thing

Here is a pretty amazing story about 4 players, one of them a current Buck (Corey Maggette), stepping up to take care of their coach when the team wouldn’t. Clippers assistant coach Kim Hughes found out he had cancer. Then it got worse, the team said they wouldn’t pay for the surgery. Maggette and several … Continue reading

The Well-Met Gentleman’s Code is Up

The first draft of a perpetual document is up now – the Well-Met Gentleman’s code. My four basic rules with a brief description are selected and for each I have compiled just the beginning of lists of quotes and references on practicing each one – there are far wiser people than me that we can … Continue reading

New Way to Be Green for St. Pat’s

St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty manly holiday when you think about it. Go outside on a cold Spring day, drink lots of beer and Irish liquor, eat manly Irish food (no one ever accused corned beef and hash of being frou-frou), maybe even wear a kilt. Well, since it is manly – let’s make … Continue reading



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