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88Nine’s Soundbites 2013 Pairs Great Music & Great Food

On our calendar of events, where we list only those that might appeal to the Well-Met Man, we like to classify events by their appeal to men via activities, causes, drinks, or food. If you get more than two its a home-run must go event, and we just added on for January 31. 88Nine Radio Milwaukee’s … Continue reading

Milwaukee: Mecca For The Modern Man

We call ourselves here Well-Met Men, from the saying ‘Hail-fellow, well-met‘, but it is just our term for gentlemen and also infers modern men, renaissance men, and other manner of men trying to be the best they can be. One of the goals of Well-Met Men, founded in and focused on Milwaukee, is to promote … Continue reading

Support Good Music With Good Food

88Nine RadioMilwaukee, a Milwaukee community radio station that is a unique non-profit organization providing public media services to the greater Milwaukee area and around the world via the Internet, needs the support of its listeners and the community it serves. To this end they are holding a unique fundraiser on February 2nd called SoundBites. SoundBites, hosted … Continue reading

New Way to Be Green for St. Pat’s

St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty manly holiday when you think about it. Go outside on a cold Spring day, drink lots of beer and Irish liquor, eat manly Irish food (no one ever accused corned beef and hash of being frou-frou), maybe even wear a kilt. Well, since it is manly – let’s make … Continue reading

Buy American – Little or Big step to being a Locavore?

In the past year I have tried to grow myself into being a Locavore with one step at a time. The Locavore movement started with food – trying to buy food as close to you (local) as possible. The benefits of this are many from getting better food, to reducing shipping costs and impacts (transport … Continue reading



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