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Well-Met Wisconsinite Crosses U.S. On Motorcycle To Promote Health Issues And More

I recently saw a blurb about a local man that mentioned how he crossed North America on a trip to promote awareness of hereditary cancer, cancer that he himself has. Alone the tale is extraordinary, but there is so much more to the story. As I looked into it, I found out about a man … Continue reading

Wait, Green What? Racing? Michelin Green X Challenge Asks Why Not?

So, yeah I know there are races for solar-powered cars and such, so its not a novel idea, but this morning while flipping through channels I caught mention of a pro racing circuit that awards green initiatives. No, it’s not NASCAR, silly. In the American Le mans Series, the MICHELIN® GREEN X® Challenge, a first … Continue reading

Green Guy: Eric Rochow

With a lack of news items lately I have decided to start a special section focusing on Well-Met men that are doing  what I aspire to out in the real world. These could be activists, philanthropists, environmentalists, nutrionists, or anyone like person that is trying to make others better. Where I can they will be … Continue reading

Earth Day: Animal Rehoming, the 4th R

This post is the culmination and wrap-up of various subjects over the past month. It being Earth Day – which occurs during Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, and following Volunteer Week – this is the perfect opportunity to stress the importance and benefits of adopting a pet from an animal welfare agency, or Rehoming an … Continue reading

Pro Surfer A True Hero

Pro surfer James Pribram is a hero in every sense of the word, an athlete and man we can all look up to.  He has been receiving accolades for his environmental activism and recently saved a drowning woman. Per the OC Register: He was dubbed The Eco Warrior by a journalist while protesting a pulp mill contaminating a river in … Continue reading

Volunteer Week: Environmental Activism

Yesterday we took a look at animal welfare volunteer opportunities, today we move onto an area that has many similar philosophies and in some cases even crossover: environmental causes. Local environmental causes focus on issues and opportunities that impact the land and environment in their community and local area. Opportunities can range from doing physical … Continue reading



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