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Tails and Ales at Milwaukee’s Barktoberfest 9/29

As you may have noticed from previous posts, I am not only a dog lover but an advocate for their well-being and their place in our world. I am also a fan of beer. So of course I am going to promote everyone get their tails to Estabrook Park near the Beer Garden tomorrow to … Continue reading

Cycle Dog Dog Collars Re-cycle Inner Tubes

What’s this? Has Well-Met Man gone to the dogs? Sure, this will be the fourth dog-related post in a row, but there was no plan, it just happened that way. In fact,  was going to wait on this one to give it a break but no other man-news has come up. Besides, dogs are MAN’s best … Continue reading

What the Puck? Admirals Go To The Dogs For Local Animal Shelters

On Sunday, March 25th, the Milwaukee Admirals will host their annual Pedigree Dog Day Afternoon, when the team battles the Rockford IceHogs at 3:00 pm at the Bradley Center. For $2 in advance or $3 at the door extra you can bring a dog to the game – you still need to buy your own ticket … Continue reading

Put Spring In Your Dog’s Step At EBHS Lure Coursing

Sure it’s been a mild winter for Wisconsin and you probably have had your dog out for walks and other fun, but as Spring truly has seem to sprung its time to let your dogs loose. A tired dog is a good dog, and there are many ways to tire your dog out, especially with … Continue reading

May 2011 Wrap Up

May started out very good, especially for this project, and for the most part went well except for one personal hiccup. First things first – today is Memorial Day. To many it has become and is just another day to be off of work and get a three-day weekend. Like many holidays it has become … Continue reading

Earth Day: Animal Rehoming, the 4th R

This post is the culmination and wrap-up of various subjects over the past month. It being Earth Day – which occurs during Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, and following Volunteer Week – this is the perfect opportunity to stress the importance and benefits of adopting a pet from an animal welfare agency, or Rehoming an … Continue reading

Brews for Barks, Pics for Pups

Here is something doubly near and dear to my heart as it deals with dogs and suds. New Belgium Brewing is helping raise funds for a local dog orgnization. They are donating $1 for every photo of a dog shared on their Facebook page. They are doing this in conjunction with their Might Arrow Pale … Continue reading



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