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Why Organic?

The simplest and most important answer for anyone, including men, to go organic is: it is better for YOU. Once a term relegated to markets that catered to clientele with vested interest – natural food stores, farmers’ markets, progressive cafes – organic is increasingly available in standard supermarkets in their own section or even side-by-side … Continue reading

POV – OnMilwaukee Blogger’s Personal Diet Diary

I like to give a shout out to others that are doing something similar to the mission of Well-Met and over at blogger JC Poppe is stepping out of his comfort zone as an urban music blogger to give a personal, poignant, and at times very funny account of his attempts to lose weight. So … Continue reading

Father’s Day & Men’s Health Concern #1: Heart Disease

It is almost too appropriate that on Father’s day and the last day of Men’s Health Week, the #1 concern is the Heart. On a day when we recognize our own – and other – fathers, learning about the heart – the strongest muscle, the source of life, and the proverbial source of emotion and love. … Continue reading

Food – When Less Is More (Waistline)

Or is it when more is less? A recent article at goes over how skim milk is actually worse than 2% or even whole milk. This reminds me of the paradox of diet soda. When it comes to food, why do we keep trying to change the food instead of ourselves? It seems to … Continue reading

Eat A Steak – Lose Weight?

Is it manly to try to eat healthy? It sure can be. What is more manly that a steak, burger, or other beef meal. Beef, the word itself sounds manly. So go ahead, be a man, eat your beef. Yes, you read that right. By eating beef just as you do now – without changing … Continue reading



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