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exact¢hange in 2013

Back in August of 2012 in my ‘Can Change Change The World‘ post I wrote about the idea of saving change received from purchases and also doing a ’round-up’ of purchases as ways to come up with funds to donate to a cause you support. Well, for 2013 I am going to put my money … Continue reading

Can Change Change The World?

Being a man, and not carrying a purse, I have long hated change – coins that is. I hate carrying it, counting it out (and hate more when someone in front of you searches around to try to come up with exact change), and cashing it in if I do save it. To me coin … Continue reading


With the New Year coming up, it is standard practice for people to make resolutions – promises on changes to make on the coming year. The problem is that these resolutions typically fall by the way side. Why is this? Maybe the grand statement to change for the long term is just too hard to … Continue reading



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