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Charles Tillman: Community Leader

To most Wisconsinites and Packer fans he may play for the ‘enemy’, but Chicago Bears Defensive Back Charles Tillman is someone we can all look up to. In February he received Fifth Third Bank’s 2011 Community Leadership Award & Namesake Scholarship as one of three people recognized for their leadership and efforts that have provided meaningful impact … Continue reading

Pro Surfer A True Hero

Pro surfer James Pribram is a hero in every sense of the word, an athlete and man we can all look up to.  He has been receiving accolades for his environmental activism and recently saved a drowning woman. Per the OC Register: He was dubbed The Eco Warrior by a journalist while protesting a pulp mill contaminating a river in … Continue reading

Volunteer Week: Environmental Activism

Yesterday we took a look at animal welfare volunteer opportunities, today we move onto an area that has many similar philosophies and in some cases even crossover: environmental causes. Local environmental causes focus on issues and opportunities that impact the land and environment in their community and local area. Opportunities can range from doing physical … Continue reading



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