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If You Want To Be A Man – Be A King

Since the beginning my concept for Well-Met was to be a beacon of goodness for men. I have used many words to express that, mostly by others much wiser than me such as in the Well-Met Code and the quotes I list there to support the four values of Enterprise, Decision, Compassion, and Sincerity. But … Continue reading

Gentleman Rules Print

You probably have heard of Etsy by now, but probably from women, and never thought of it as a place to check out stuff for men. But oh, it is. You just have to know where and/or how to look. I recently found a vendor with a print perfect for the Well-Met man as well … Continue reading

New Contributor: Peter B

Please welcome a new contributor to Well-Met Men: Peter B. Peter  has a background in health care communications that gives him a unique perspective and access to information on men’s health issue. As a father with three boys and a keen interest in sports he adds another dimension and as you will see he brings … Continue reading

May Is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

In a four-seasons state like Wisconsin, May is the first month that motorcyclists become active after Winter storage and so it is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. As gas prices climb, motorcycles are increasingly being used for basic transportation as well as recreation. More than 500,000 Wisconsin residents have motorcycle licenses or permits and more than 300,000 … Continue reading

May The 4th Be With You – What I Learned From: Star Wars

I saw it coming: my 200th post here. Around 190 I started to feel the pressure. I started thinking, what grand statement can I make with the post. Should it be a personal story, a wrap up of the first 2 centuries, a kick off to some new project? Was I trying to hard? I … Continue reading

We’re All Pretty Bizarre – What I Learned From: John Hughes Movies

Last time we took a look at a lesser known, cult movie, Repo Man starring Emilio Esteves. This time Emilio makes an appearance but as one of many characters in the very popular teen movies of the 80’s written and directed by John Hughes. Everyone that grew up in the 80’s knows his many movies … Continue reading

Why Organic?

The simplest and most important answer for anyone, including men, to go organic is: it is better for YOU. Once a term relegated to markets that catered to clientele with vested interest – natural food stores, farmers’ markets, progressive cafes – organic is increasingly available in standard supermarkets in their own section or even side-by-side … Continue reading

Poppe Out To Battle Illiteracy With Hop Hop

JC Poppe, contributor and recently former hip-hop blogger, has organized a benefit for Literacy Services of Wisconsin using hip-hop music as the draw to get people out to raise money, as well as collect books and reading glasses via the Hip-Hop Hates Iliteracy event at Cactus Club tonight, Friday, April 6. Starting at 9 p.m. at Cactus Club, Poppe … Continue reading

Dr. Oz Simplifies It For Men

I occasionally catch the Dr. Oz show and while I understand the major audience of day time TV, it still has bugged me that, like almost every other wellness related media, he focuses so much on women’s health and well-being. You are a man, talk to the men, or at least talk to women about the men … Continue reading



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