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Alaskan Brewing Company Makes Beer Powered Beer

Following the Well-Met maxim of ‘Social.Responsibility‘, the Alaskan Brewing Company is making green beer, and I don’t mean in color like the shite people swill for St. Patrick’s Day. In a shrewd move with economic and ecological ramifications, they are now operating with an alternate fuel source: beer. More specifically, they are using the wet … Continue reading

88Nine’s Soundbites 2013 Pairs Great Music & Great Food

On our calendar of events, where we list only those that might appeal to the Well-Met Man, we like to classify events by their appeal to men via activities, causes, drinks, or food. If you get more than two its a home-run must go event, and we just added on for January 31. 88Nine Radio Milwaukee’s … Continue reading

Kevin Smith’s Real Wayne Foundation Fights Sex Trafficking

For the second year in a row, President Obama has declared January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. There are a lot of ways to support it, but when you are a guy there may be one that tops any other. Kevin Smith – creator of Jay & Silent Bob and many other man-friendly … Continue reading

Braise Culinary School Introduction To Craft Spirits 10/30

Maybe its the fact its the day before Halloween, or two days before the launch of Movember, but the next Braise Culinary School’s weekly Tuesday topic class as ‘Introduction to Craft Spirits’ seems just too perfect. Braise is a unique local food business comprising three parts: an RSA (restaurant supported agriculture), restaurant, and a culinary … Continue reading

Tails and Ales at Milwaukee’s Barktoberfest 9/29

As you may have noticed from previous posts, I am not only a dog lover but an advocate for their well-being and their place in our world. I am also a fan of beer. So of course I am going to promote everyone get their tails to Estabrook Park near the Beer Garden tomorrow to … Continue reading

Brew Madness Prost To A Cure 9/28

Brew enthusiasts (like myself) can enjoy a night sampling delicious food and beer pairings all for the cause of fighting cystic fibrosis. Brewmasters will serve their specialty barley & hops, while hors d’oeuvres are presented at festive tasting stations by local restaurants! Area brewers and chefs will prepare their specialties just for you. Entertainment includes … Continue reading

Milwaukee: Mecca For The Modern Man

We call ourselves here Well-Met Men, from the saying ‘Hail-fellow, well-met‘, but it is just our term for gentlemen and also infers modern men, renaissance men, and other manner of men trying to be the best they can be. One of the goals of Well-Met Men, founded in and focused on Milwaukee, is to promote … Continue reading

Can Beer Make Bud Wiser?

OK, maybe not wiser, but better at problem-solving and creative thinking, at least that is what the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) seem to have proven. We already have seen that it can be healthy for your body (after exercise and even in place of food), now we can see how in moderation it … Continue reading

Why Organic?

The simplest and most important answer for anyone, including men, to go organic is: it is better for YOU. Once a term relegated to markets that catered to clientele with vested interest – natural food stores, farmers’ markets, progressive cafes – organic is increasingly available in standard supermarkets in their own section or even side-by-side … Continue reading



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