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Adam Ant Uses New Album To Promote Bipolar Awareness

Post-punk artist Adam Ant, creator of 80’s hits like Goody Two Shoes, Stand And Deliver, and Desperate But Not Serious, was a favorite of mine as a teen back when I was a post-punk/new-waver myself, and with the release of his new album just released January 22, he has stepped up into full on hero … Continue reading

Kevin Smith’s Real Wayne Foundation Fights Sex Trafficking

For the second year in a row, President Obama has declared January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. There are a lot of ways to support it, but when you are a guy there may be one that tops any other. Kevin Smith – creator of Jay & Silent Bob and many other man-friendly … Continue reading

Master & Commander ‘Samaritan’ Jacket Name Rings True

Master & Commander, makers of the aptly named Samaritan Jacket, is a new company that is participating in the growing Buy One Give One business and charity model. In this model a business commits to donating one of something for every one of a product that is sold. TOMS shoes may be the most familiar one to most … Continue reading

Milwaukee: Mecca For The Modern Man

We call ourselves here Well-Met Men, from the saying ‘Hail-fellow, well-met‘, but it is just our term for gentlemen and also infers modern men, renaissance men, and other manner of men trying to be the best they can be. One of the goals of Well-Met Men, founded in and focused on Milwaukee, is to promote … Continue reading

Heview: The Brass Rooster Men’s Hat And Accessories Shop

To be honest, this is more of a First Impression than a full review since I did not take full advantage of The Brass Rooster’s capabilities, still I left my first visit impressed and interest piqued to return for more – and for a business what more can you ask for? Hold the phones, hit … Continue reading

Men’s Style Icon Ray-Ban Releases Pro-Gay Ad

In honor of its 75th anniversary, Ray-Ban  – creator of the famous Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses – has continued an ad campaign started in 2007 called Never Hide in which they feature their own photographs of people standing out in the crowd, and also allow fans to submit their own photos. On a loading screen … Continue reading

Futurustic Style – Brown: The Old Black

For a while there was a trend of naming new color trends by saying the color was the ‘new’ black. Perhaps the best example was ‘pink is the new black’ when the color pink was supposed to replace black as the staple color in a wardrobe. Well, in Futurustic style, brown is the old black. By … Continue reading

Handmade By Men For Men

When men hear the words ‘Craft Show’ their reaction is rarely a positive one. Images of throngs of women down endless cramped aisles with nothing a guy would ever want come to mind. But I am here to tell you first there are ‘crafts’ that many men would like and there are shows where you … Continue reading

Heview: Palladium Shoes

When I find something that can cover multiple needs I take notice, and in Palladium Boots – recommended by a friend – I have found a brand that I could buy nearly every pair of shoes (other than athletic) that I might need now and in the future. Palladium is a French company with roots … Continue reading



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