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Bike To Work Day Safety – For Drivers

Tomorrow is the culmination of Bike to Work Week, the last day of the week and the most likely to see its highest participation as it is the official Bike to Work Day and also as a Friday likely has more casual and bike friendly dress codes for workers. Seeing as there will be such a large number of riders, it is important for drivers to be aware and respect the cyclist. Bikes, after all, are vehicles on the road just as cars, motorcycles, and scooters. A bicycle is defined by Wisconsin law as a “vehicle propelled by the feet acting upon pedals and having wheels any two of which are not less than 14 inches in diameter.”

Bicycles must obey the rules of the road, but in return other vehicles should treat them as such as well. When bicycles are treated otherwise, and drivers don’t respect their space, accidents are more likely to happen.


About K9vin

I have been a volunteer for the humane treatment of animals in the Milwaukee area for 10 years as well as our parks system including founding the friends group for off-leash dog parks and a volunteer for The Park People. I was born in and raised near Milwaukee and have pride in the city. I want to be one of the people always striving to make Milwaukee better, starting with getting other men involved in their community.


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