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Heview: Cory The Bike Fixer – Changing The World One Bike At A Time

My wife and I recently purchased two new bikes – identical unisex ones – from Cory The Bike Fixer, and our experience was everything we expected – attentive, helpful, and personal despite it being a very busy day at the shop.

As a child and teen I used to ride bikes all the time. I grew up in Cedarburg and things were spread out and until we turned 16, bikes were the way to get around – to school, to friends’ houses, even all the way to Grafton to visit the closest Mall. Then we got cars and Milwaukee was the place to be and bikes were impractical, then you grow up and go to work, get a home, and cars become more and more prominent. Since I have been married, we never went for crazy cars and all have been on the high end of fuel efficiency for their time (and will continue to be). I got a motorcycle, then got a virtual office job (work at home) and the additional car seemed unnecessary so we went down to a one car family. But there are times I just want get out for a quick jaunt and without needing to use a car, but its too far or slow to walk (my lunch options will open up once again). Plus we are both involved in volunteering for Milwaukee Parks and bikes are one of the common subjects with the Oak Leaf Trail, fundraising rides, and other opportunities. Our circles of friends also have grown more and more into a biking community. So, the time was right to get new bikes – real bikes. You see we had flirted with big box store bikes before and just ended up getting rid of them.

The man himself - Cory Gassman

So we went to Cory to get assistance on picking out a bike. Why Cory? For various reasons, but mostly because a good friend of ours that we lost to cancer last year was a fan and customer of Cory and we promised her that we would go there. But we also did our due diligence and checked around town at other stores including manning a booth at the recent Wheel and Sprocket Bike Expo that gave us an opportunity to see a lot of bikes there and in the end Cory still was the right place for us. Cory himself is a great man and a great owner of a great small business that fills a needed niche in Milwaukee. After college and 8 years in social work, Cory became a burned out social worker. As he says, he still helps people by getting out of their car and onto a bike. We know that Cory was a big help to our friend, and we appreciate everything he did for her, and everything he does for the bike community such as supporting the Oak Leaf Discovery Tour as part of the 105th anniversary of Milwaukee County Parks.

Notice I said get assistance on picking out a bike. That is one of the best things about Cory. You aren’t going to walk in there and just look around, take a bike, and check out. Cory’s staff will help you find the right bike for you, make sure you test ride (even fit the bike for you just for the test), and assist you in decision making on the bike and accessories should you buy one. Before you leave with the bike they will set it all up for you and ensure you are good to go, you could ride your bike home from there. And with Cory once you leave, you are not alone – you get 2 years of free service to ensure you get started well on hopefully a long relationship with your bike. In addition, you get 10% discounts and free installation of all accessories purchased with the bike and 25% off all bicycle related clothing with a new bicycle purchase. Plus, Cory fixes up used bikes so you you are not in the market for his new bikes there may just be a deal for you there.

The bike - a Raleigh Misceo in all black

We were assisted by Jesse Kerhin. He listened to our usage and needs for the bikes  – we had expected to look at comfort bikes as we do mostly short commuting – but we do camp and may do some other trails so a hybrid was the way to go. Jesse directed us to two different bikes and set each up for us to test ride. One was not even on the racks and he had to bring it up from their storage – as soon as I saw it I had a feeling it would be the bike of choice. It fit the bill for geometry and ride type, but it was definitely our style – entirely flat black with black graphics. My wife and I are close in size so one midway adjustment was made to fitting and we tried them out. They were comparable and both felt great on the rides. Two things on the chosen bike  – a Raleigh Misceo – made the decision – the looks (yeah I know, it’s a bike), but also one feature stood out – hydraulic disc brakes.

Jesse helped us select accessories – water bottle and rear racks and lights for night time riding – and would put them all and get them set overnight. We didn’t  plan it this way, but our bikes were ready on Earth Day, a fitting day to get new bicycles that will hopefully be used in place of cars as many times as possible.

Milwaukee is blessed with many good bike shops Wheel and Sprocket, Crank Daddy’s, Ben’s Cycle, The Bikesmiths, Rainbow Jersey, among others, but the personal connection and personal service at Cory’s made it the perfect place for us to get our bikes. As Cory says himself – he is changing the world, one bike at a time – and those are the type of people I support.

Finally, now that we have our bikes, look for further reviews of things bike-related like trails (Oak Leaf and Hank Aaron), organizations, and activities.


About K9vin

I have been a volunteer for the humane treatment of animals in the Milwaukee area for 10 years as well as our parks system including founding the friends group for off-leash dog parks and a volunteer for The Park People. I was born in and raised near Milwaukee and have pride in the city. I want to be one of the people always striving to make Milwaukee better, starting with getting other men involved in their community.



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