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Take Advantage of City of Milwaukee Services

So often, as men, we want to handle things on our own. But too often there are people out there willing to help us whether it is an issue or problem, or a goal or dream. The City of Milwaukee Equal Rights Commission has a list of government and independent organizations that provide various services that can assist the people of Milwaukee in many endeavors including education, advocacy, even entrepreneurship.

Per the Commission, the list includes

Local Agencies providing services related to issues of equality, equity, social justice, and quality of life for Milwaukee’s diverse community.

The initial lost is alphabetical by all agencies, but you can filter using categories on the left-hand side. for example, want to find out how to get involved in – even start up – non-profit organizations and advocacy, click on AAO for Awareness, Advocacy, and Organizing agencies. Need capital to start up your dream project, check out FR for Financial Resources. Lost your job and need Job Training, click on JT.

This is an invaluable resource that can be used by any and all to take advantage of others willing to help out and looking for people to help them as well.


About K9vin

I have been a volunteer for the humane treatment of animals in the Milwaukee area for 10 years as well as our parks system including founding the friends group for off-leash dog parks and a volunteer for The Park People. I was born in and raised near Milwaukee and have pride in the city. I want to be one of the people always striving to make Milwaukee better, starting with getting other men involved in their community.


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