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Honor the Hounds of War

I happen to love dogs. They are such great companions to humans. In the training and humane literature I have read and expanded to the history of canines as companions one theme has shown itself prominently. We may not be where we are as a society without dogs.

In our early stages they have guarded us, helped us hunt. Now they do that in addition to finding drugs, explosives, trapped or lost people, bodies, not to mention being aids to warn of seizures, smell cancer that machines can’t find, comfort the sick, and help those with limited physical functions.

One of these ways dogs have helped us is in war. Thousands or more lives have been saved by the services dogs provide to armed forces, mostly as bomb sniffers.

Congressional legislation was signed into law giving JBMF, Inc., the John Burnam Monument Foundation, the authority to build and maintain the historic national monument to honor the United States Armed Forces Working Dog Teams. Please support them as we need to honor what these dogs have done and will continue to do for us.


About K9vin

I have been a volunteer for the humane treatment of animals in the Milwaukee area for 10 years as well as our parks system including founding the friends group for off-leash dog parks and a volunteer for The Park People. I was born in and raised near Milwaukee and have pride in the city. I want to be one of the people always striving to make Milwaukee better, starting with getting other men involved in their community.


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