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Jeep Provides S.A.F.E. Return For Troops

Jeep Provides S.A.F.E. Return For Troops

Two American vehicle manufacturers will be forever linked with our military, Harley-Davidson and Jeep. With their ties to military history, both go beyond what they have provided on the battleground to provide for out troops once the return. Last November we told you about what Harley is doing, and here is what Jeep is doing … Continue reading

Hail Fellow, Well Met!

Welcome to the online resource for Milwaukee’s modern gentleman - the Well-Met Man. Here you will information on goods and services for becoming well-met, the state of men in the modern world, and thoughts on exploring what we call ‘Social.Responsibility’: being responsible while having fun and having fun while being responsible.

We are looking for additional contributors. I would like Well-Met to have multiple voices and views. If you have something to say about the good things to be found in Men and/or Milwaukee, let me know.



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